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Welcome to AVSM Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., your trusted companion in the realm of document attestation. We have forged strong partnerships with the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India, and various Consulates/Embassies. Our mission is to simplify administrative processes and provide efficient attestation and apostille services.

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Our Specialization

Governmental and Non-Governmental Tasks

At AVSM Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., we are experts in managing a wide array of tasks related to document attestation. Our services encompass both governmental and non-governmental requirements. From recruitment to visa stamping and document attestation, we align with our clients' interests, allowing them to concentrate on candidate evaluation.

Importance of Document Attestation

Ensuring Authenticity

In today's world, countries rigorously verify the authenticity of provided certificates, be it educational or professional, before considering an individual. Legalizing certificates goes beyond standard attestation, providing proof that the issued certificate is genuine and grants the holder the rightful recognition.

Simplified Attestation Process

Collaborative Efforts for Efficiency

We recognize the complexities associated with document attestation. We have established positive connections with various government agencies and officials. This streamlined approach ensures a smoother and less time-consuming process. Our years of experience grant us an in-depth understanding of the process, ensuring efficient and timely document attestation.

Our Strengths

Pioneers in the Field

We are pioneers in document attestation, offering comprehensive services for individuals and representatives. Our expertise covers attestation from various government authorities such as Ministry of HRD, MEA, Embassy, Consulate, and more. NRIs facing challenges in attesting documents in India can rely on us for exceptional assistance.

Comprehensive Attestation Services

Your Complete Attestation Solution

Our comprehensive range of attestation services includes:

Guidance and Support

Dedicated Customer Care

Our customer care executives are committed to providing detailed information about the required documents before initiating the attestation process. For the latest updates on document legalization from MEA, HRD, Embassy, and other relevant departments, visit our website

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